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Agricultural Science


ROUTINE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES OF FARM ANIMALS CONTENT Selection Culling Identification of farm animals De-beaking De-horning Castration Servicing Incubation Candling Hatching   SELECTION Selection is the process of picking from a group of animals those animals with breeding value as the parent to maximize genetic gain. Animals with desirable characters like good meat production, egg laying abilities, resistance to diseases, excellent mothering abilities, good milk producers etc are selected. Selection is grouped into two main classes. Natural selection: This is the ability of an individual animal to survive and reproduce during unfavourable environmental conditions. Those that are unable to survive die off. Artificial selection: This type of selection is carried out by man through close monitoring of the animals. The man uses his intelligence to select and mate animals. Four types of artificial selection include Mass selection: Animals with desirable characteristics are selected in preference to those not possessing them from… Read More »ROUTINE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES OF FARM ANIMALS

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