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carrer opportunities in data processing

Data Processing (secondary)


Computer personnel are those who assemble, install, repair and operate the computer system. The term equally includes those people who make their living out of the computer industry. They include the following: Database Administrator Software programmer Hardware Engineers System analysts Web developers Computer support specialist Network Administrator Network Engineers Computer Technician Microsoft office specialist Computer Educators ¬†EVALUATION Define computer professionals. Mention seven computer personnel.   DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR A Database administrator is in charge of storing, organizing, presenting, using and analyzing data and database management software. A database administrator set up new computer databases or integrating data from old system to new systems.¬† Performs routine tests and modifications to ensure that a database is performing and running correctly. A database administrator troubleshoots the programs and hardware based on the findings, repairs or changes can be made to fix the problems. ¬† Primary Functions Database server and applications are installed and upgraded… Read More »CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN DATA PROCESSING

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