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Social Studies (Primary Classes)

Characteristics of drug abusers

Characteristics of drug abusers, their treatment and Rehabilitation 1 Alcohol – a) Aggressiveness – An aggressive person is someone who is easily provoked. He gets angry easily and does not listen to people’s explanation. He sticks to his own argument and he is ready to fight if his point is not taken. b) Slow speech – A drunk person will not be fluent in speech. He would turn to an artificial stammered. c) Hallucination – This is when someone talks to himself with an imagination that something is real without it being so. If you see somebody who talks to himself on the street or road, it may be as a result of over-indulgence in alcohol. d) Loss of balance – People who abuse alcohol will always stagger on the road. Their hands and body will be shaking. They will not be able to maintain their balance. e) Disobedience –… Read More »Characteristics of drug abusers

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