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The time recorded in places within the same longitude. A longitude is an imaginary line running from N to S which shows how far E or W a place is from the prime meridian. Greenwich Meridian (0◦) longitude is the point of reference when calculating time. Time is gained towards the E and lost towards the W. Examples Suppose the time at GWM is 12 noon what is the local time at Jos 40◦E? Time gained=40×4=160min=2 hours 40min Local time at Jos is 12.00+2.40=14.40-1200=2.40pm. At Dar-es-Salaam 40◦E time is 12pm what is the time at Ecuador 40◦E? 40◦+20◦=60◦ 60×4=240min=4hours Ecuador is behind in time =12.00-4=8 am. If the places are on the same side subtract the degrees to get the difference and add or subtract from the reference time depending on which side the place is.   Calculation of Longitude What is the longitude of place x whose local time… Read More »CALCULATION OF LOCAL TIME

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