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Burns are caused by dry heat such as hot charcoal, metal and open flames while scalds are caused by moist heat such as stream and hot liquids.   Prevention of burns and scalds Matches, boiling stoves, hot liquids, burning candles should be kept away from children. Store flammable liquids away from children. Lids covering hot foods should be opened away from the handle while cooking.   Saucepablows direct or indirect force on bones falls A sprainĀ is a tearing or stretching of ligaments. It is caused by a stretching of a joint beyond the normal level of motion. – Rooms should be tidy and well lit. – Floors should be free from spills and peels. – Arrest any bleeding that may occur. – Use a splint to hold the fracture in place. – Apply a sling.   See also BODY MEASUREMENTS DISEASES SYNTHETIC FIBRES WOOL cotton

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