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Agricultural Science


MANAGEMENT OF A MONOGASTRIC ANIMAL (PIGS) Terms used in pigs management Breeds of pigs Characteristics of pigs System of rearing pigs Housing, feeding and hygiene Management of pigs Pigs are non-ruminant animals in the genus sus, within even-toed ungulate family suidae. They are primarily reared for meat.   TERMS USED IN PIGS MANAGEMENT Boar: a mature male pig                          Sow: a mature female pig Piglet: young or baby pig farrowed          Barrow: a castrated male pig Pork: pig’s meat                                        In-sow: pregnant sow Dry sow: a sow that is not pregnant         Fatheners: pigs reared for meat Farrowing: act of parturition in pigs        Lard: pig fat Gilt: mature female pig that has not reproduced or has only reproduced once   BREEDS OF PIGS Hampshire                        Yorkshire (Largewhite)           Poland china               Landrace Berkshire               Large black                             West African dwarf     Duroc   CHARACTERISTICS OF PIGS Pork is a good source of protein It has a short gestation period… Read More »LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT

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