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Box Square

basic technology (Secondary School)


METAL WORK- HAND TOOL – MARKING OUT AND MEASURING TOOLS Metal is one of the materials used in technology for construction and fabrication of devices. Metal as a material can be fabricated into various shapes and products. However, to be able to do that, you need appropriate tools.  These tools are either hand tools or machine tools. MARKING OUT TOOLS Marking out tools are hand tools used for making lines on metal surfaces, checking alignment, and indicating points or positions on a work piece. Tools for making out in the workshop include: Surface plate Surface table Scriber Odd-leg caliper Divider Punches Try square Box Square   Surface plate The surface plate is a precision piece of equipment with a flat surface of high-grade finish, on which work piece are placed for marking out. It is also used for testing the flatness of surfaces. Care of surface Cover the surface after… Read More »METAL WORK

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