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Both transitive and intransitive verbs

English Language


Some sentences express a complete thought with only a subject and an action verb. Example:┬áThe sun shines. Subject Active verb In other sentences, a direct object must follow the action verb for the sentence to be complete. A direct object is a noun or a pronoun that receives the action of the verb. Example:┬áThe goalkeeper caught the ball. Subject action verb direct object Transitive verbs A Transitive verb is an action verb that must take a direct object for the sentence to express a complete thought. A direct object answers the question what? or whom? Examples: The captain steered the ship. (Steered what? the ship) The teacher praised the students. (Praised whom? The students) Transitive verbs cannot be used alone without direct objects in sentences; they would not have complete meanings.   Exercise What are the action verbs and the direct objects in the following sentences? He carried his bag… Read More »TRANSITIVE AND INTRANSITIVE VERBS

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