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A physical/temporary change is one which no new substance is formed and is reversible back to original. A chemical/permanent change is one which a new substance is formed and is irreversible back to original. The following experiments illustrates physical and chemical changes   (a) Heating ice Place about 10g of pure ice in a beaker. Determine its temperature. Record it at time “0.0” in the table below. Heat the ice on a strong Bunsen flame and determine its temperature after every 60seconds/1minute to complete the table below: Plot a graph of time against Temperature (y-axes) Explain the shape of your graph   Melting/freezing/fusion/solidification and boiling /vaporization /evaporation are the two physical processes. Melting /freezing point of pure substances is fixed /constant. The boiling point of pure substance depends on external atmospheric pressure. Melting/fusion is the physical change of a solid to liquid. Freezing is the physical change of a liquid… Read More »PHYSICAL/TEMPORARY AND CHEMICAL CHANGES

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