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Binary Number



NUMBER BASES Number bases refer to ways of counting numbers. Counting started way back in the ancient times when began counting first, with his fingers. He counts in tens maybe because he has ten fingers and this is called decimal system of counting. There are different bases of counting, Different number bases/system Binary system Octal system Denary/decimal system Hexadecimal system   Binary System The word BI means two, so binary combination means numbers made up of a combination of only two numbers. It is also refers to numbers in base 2.  The available digits in binary system where 0 means off and 1 means ON.   Octal System This is counting in eight i.e. base 8. It has 0,1,2,3,,4,5,6,7 digits. Denary/Decimal This is counting in tens. They are also called decimal system. The decimal system has the following digits 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9   Hexadecimal System This system deals with numbers in base… Read More »NUMBER BASES

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