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These books of the Bible are accepted as the Canon of the Bible. The term Canon means Standard or guidance or rule. Translation means expression of books by words and pictures, poems and songs from one language to another. The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew, the language of the Israelites. Then between 250 – 100 BC, it was translated to the Greek language. The Greek translation of the Bible was known as Septuagint.   This term refers to 70 translators. The Jews in dispersion or Diaspora used this translation. These were the Jews living outside Palestine. Between 386 – 420 A.D. Jerome, a great Christian Scholar, translated the entire bible from Greek into Latin, the language of the Romans. This translation was called Vulgate.   Christians used the Latin translation of the Bible up to the 16th century. During the reformation in the 16th Century, Christians were encouraged… Read More »MAJOR BIBLE TRANSLATIONS FROM THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGES TO LOCAL LANGUAGES



Christian missionaries established schools in order to teach literacy that helped African to read the Bible. ii) Made it easy for missionaries to spread the gospel to the African communities. iii) Increased the demand for the Bible. This led to writing of Books and setting up of printing presses in African countries. iv) Made it easy for the expansion of the church i.e. more people became Christians. v) Led to the emergence of independent churches and schools. vi) The missionaries and colonialists learnt the African languages. vii) The African converts realized that the missionaries were unfair to them. There was for example a different treatment of African by White missionaries. This was inequality of races, which was and is even now against Christian teachings. viii) Helped Africans to re-discover their cultural identity. For example the use of African instruments, dressings, and practice of polygamy, which David and other kings in… Read More »BIBLE TRANSLATIONS ON AFRICAN LANGUAGES



The Bible is the sacred book containing God’s revelation to people. It is the inspired word of God. It is the book through which God communicates with His people.   The Bible as the word of God The Bible is the word of God because: a) The written scripture contain God’s word. b) Through the Bible God communicates his will to humans. c) It contains word written by inspired authors such as the prophets who were sent by God. d) God himself took part in the writing of the Bible. E.g. God is believed to have written the Ten Commandments e) It contains the history of salvation realized through Jesus Christ. f) The Word gives revelation to mysteries. g) The Bible contains a message of hope and reconciliation. h) It reveals that God controlled what was being written and what He intended the writers to pass to the people.  … Read More »THE BIBLE

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