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Benefits of Non-contact Sports



Definition of Non-contact Sports Non-contact sports are those sports where participants should have no possible means of impact, such as sprinting, swimming, darts, snookers where players use separate lanes or take turns of play. Examples of Non-contact Sports The following are examples of non-contact sports: Darts Snooker Chess Swimming Gymnastics Tennis Table tennis Badminton Benefits of Non-contact Sports The benefits of non-contact sports include the following: It brings about critical and constructive thinking It relaxes the muscles of the body There is greater control over injuries risk Help in the development of speed and free movement of the body. Participating in non-contact sports, could wipe stress and live a healthy life. It exercises all parts of the body It is for fun and entertainment Basic Skills and Techniques in Non-contact Sports The basic skills in non contact sports include the following: Swimming Skills Performance (Styles) The following skills are used… Read More »NON-CONTACT SPORTS

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