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Bench Vice

basic technology (Secondary School)


In order to work safely and conveniently on any work piece, it needs firmly secured. The devices used for holding these work piece firmly are called holding vices. Holding devices include the following: Vices Clamps Pliers   VICES Vices are used for holding objects rigidly in position, so that desired operations can be carried out. Vices are of various sizes, shapes and types.   Bench Vice The bench vice is used for all types of heavy work, like filing, chipping and sawing. It is fastened to the bench, near its edge, with bolts and nuts. It has two separate jaws that ensure a firm grip on a work piece.   Machine Vice The machine vice is commonly used on drilling, milling and shaping machines. The jaws are left unseparated, so as not to leave any work an already finished surface.   Hand Vice The hand vice is used for holding… Read More »HOLDING DEVICES

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