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POPULATION ESTIMATION METHODS What is population estimation methods? It is important to find or estimate the sizes of the different populations in a habitat. Direct counting or head count which involves the counting of every individual is not always applicable for all organisms. e.g., it is impossible to count directly the numbers of grasshoppers in an area. Different sampling methods are thus used.A sample acts as a representative of the whole population.   Sampling Methods Quadrat Method A Quadrat is a square, made of woos metal/hard plastic. It can also be established on the ground using pegs, rope/permanent coloured ink, using metre rule or measuring tape. The size is usually one square metre (1M2), in grassland. In wooded or forest habitat it is usually larger, and can reach upto 20 m2 depending on particular species under investigation. The number of each species found within the quadrat is counted and recorded.… Read More »POPULATION ESTIMATION METHODS

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