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Behavioural adaptation of termites for survival



SOCIAL ANIMALS – MEANING, CHARACTERISTICS, IMPORTANCE & LIFE HISTORY   Social animals are those in which individuals of the same species live together cooperatively in organized communities known as societies (colonies). Examples of social animals are: social insects (like termites, honey bees or wasps, ants etc), wolves, foxes, baboons etc.   Characteristics of Social Insects They live together They display division of labour They show distinct castes Members communicate with one another within the colony.   TERMITES Habitats of termites: They are found living together in large communities in nest which may be tunnels in dead wood or ant hills (termitaria). Note- Termites are blind: they communicate through touch and smell.  Castes of termites: They have three castes: The reproductive, soldiers, workers. The reproductive are of three types: king, queen and winged reproductive. The king has no wing, is smaller than the queen and it fertilizes the queen. The queen… Read More »SOCIAL ANIMALS – MEANING, CHARACTERISTICS, IMPORTANCE,

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