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GROWTH What is growth? Growth is the irreversible increase in dry mass, size and complexity of an organism brought about by the synthesis of new protoplasm. For growth to be effective, building up of materials (anabolism) must exceed the rate of breaking down (catabolism). In plants, growth is indefinite and apical while it is definite and uniform in animals.   BASIS OF GROWTH The basis of growth involves three major phases i.e. cell division (mitosis), cell enlargement and cell differentiation. Life begins as a single fertilized cell, continuous as the cell divides into two daughter cells then into four and so on. After cell division, the daughter cells increase in mass and size (enlargement). Eventually, each cell develops into a special type of cell (specialization) by changing its shape and structure to carry out a particular function. Most specialized cells, at maturity lose their ability to divide. CLASSIFICATION OF ANIMALS… Read More »GROWTH

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