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BASIC has a number of built in functions that greatly extend its capability. These functions perform such varied task as taking the square root of a number, counting the number of characters in a string, and capitalizing letters. Functions associate with one or more values, called input, a single value called output.   NUMERIC FUNCTIONS: SQR, INT SQR calculates the square root of a number. The function INT finds the greatest integer less than or equal to a number. Therefore INT discards the decimal parts of a number. Example: SQR(9) is 3 INT(2.7) is 2 The terms in the parentheses can be numbers (as above), variables, or expressions.   ABS FUNCTION Its full form is absolute. It is used to find the absolute value of a number. Absolute value of a number means the number without a sign. Examples: ABS(+3.4) = 3.4 ABS(- 3.4) = 3.4   RND FUNCTION RND… Read More »BASIC PROGRAMMING



Definition of Computer Computer is an electronic device or machine which has the ability to accept data, process data and send out information as output. it has the ability to store and retrieve information. A computer is a programmable machine, it allows the user to store all sorts of information and then process that information or data or carry out actions with the information, such as calculating numbers or organizing words.   Computer can be generally classified by size and power namely (1) Mainframe Computer (2) Super Computer (3) Mini Computer (4) Micro Computer.   Computer as an Input – Processing – Output (IPO) Some of the parts of computer are responsible for accepting (input) data, some are for processing data while some are used for bringing out (output) the output from the computer after processing. The three components or parts are regarded as Input – Processing – Output (IPO)… Read More »BASIC COMPUTER CONCEPT

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