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Basic Skills and Techniques in Volleyball



Volley ball was invented by William Morgan in America in the year 1895. The International Volleyball Association was formed in 1947. Volleyball became an Olympic game in 1964 and was first played at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. The Nigeria Volleyball Federation was formed in 1970 with Dr. J.C. Omoruwa as its first chairman. It is a game played between two teams of 6 players each. It can be played by both sexes.   Basic Skills and Techniques in Volleyball The following are basic skills and techniques in volley ball: The service (under Arm, Tennis, overhead and windmill service). The volleying Digging Spiking Blocking Set-up Dink shot. Rules and Regulations of Volleyball The rules and regulations of volley ball include the following: All matches consists of 3 out of 5 games The choice of court or service is decided by a toss of a coin. Teams change courts after… Read More »VOLLEYBALL

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