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Basic Skills and Techniques in Discus



Definition of Discus Discus is a field event which involves throwing a missile called discuss for a horizontal distance. A competitor is allowed three trials; the throwing is made from within a throwing circle of 2.50m in diameter to a landing sector of 40o.   Table of Specification for Discus SEX WEIGHT MEN 2 KG WOMEN 1 KG   Basic Skills and Techniques in Discus (i) Grip/Hold (ii) Stance (iii) Swing (iv) Turns (v) Release (vi) Follow through the sector (vii) Recovery Note: The discus must land within the landing sector which is 40o and both legs must be behind the metal rim.   Execution of Basic Skills and Techniques in Discuss (i) The hold: The discus is placed on the palm and the spread fingers curl over to hold it. (ii) The stance: The thrower stands at the rear of the circle with the feet slightly apart and backing… Read More »ATHLETICS: DISCUS

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