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Basic Skills and Techniques in Contact Sports



Definition of Contact Sports Contact sports are sports that emphasize or require physical contact between players. Some sports such as martial arts are scored based on impacting an opponent, while others include rugby and football which require tackling of players. Examples of Contact Sports The following are examples of contact sports: Wrestling Judo Karate Boxing Football Rugby Benefits of Contact Sports The benefits of contact sports include the following: It enhances and promotes stamina It is for fun and enjoyment It promotes inter-personal-relationship among athletes It is used as an entertainment It serves as means of livelihood for participants It improves speed and promotes physical fitness and flexibility Basic Skills and Techniques in Contact Sports Basic Skills in Wrestling The following are skills in wrestling: Hold or grips Throws Stance. Attacks. Offensives and defensives. Escapes Basic Skills in Judo The following are skills in judo: Stance Gripping Movement Falling Techniques… Read More »CONTACT SPORTS

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