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balanced ration

Agricultural Science


MALNUTRITION IN FARM ANIMALS Malnutrition is said to occur when a ration (amount of feed provided to an animal per day) does not provide all the food nutrients(carbohydrate, protein,fats and oils, vitamins, minerals, water and other feed additives) in adequate quantities. Those nutrients wanting are said to be deficient which eventually results in nutritional disease.   Nutritional deficiency is therefore defined as a disease condition which emanates from inadequate nutrition. It is indicated by specific symptoms when particular nutrients are absent or unavailable in the diet.   The table below shows some nutritional disease, their causes, symptoms and how they can be corrected.   MALNUTRITION DISEASES OF ANIMALS MALNUTRITION DISEASE CAUSES SYMPTOMS CORRECTION Ricket(Osteomalacia) Lack of Ca,Pand VitaminD Flexible and curve bones,soft egg shell Add fish meal,bone meal or Oyster shell Perosis or Slipped tendon. Lack of choline,folicacid,Ca,P in diet. Chicken lie down on their Kneel. Add Vitamin B Co… Read More »ANIMAL NUTRITION (MALNUTRITION)

Agricultural Science


Ration Is the amount of food that will provide essential nutrients to an animal in a 24 hour period. To enable that animal to meet its maintenance and production requirements. Balanced ration ls the ration that contains all the essential nutrients in required amounts and in the right proportion. Maintenance ration is the portion of a feed required by an animal to continue with the vital body processes with no loss or gain in weight.   Production Ration Production ration ls the feed required by animals over and above maintenance ration to enable the animal to produce; > for example; milk, eggs, wool, grow in size, perform work, reproduce and fatten.   Steps in ration formulation Finding out the animal’s feed requirement based on body weight. List all the available feeds, with their nutrient composition and their prices. Calculate the amount of ingredients required in the ration to meet the… Read More »COMPUTATION OF LIVESTOCK RATIONS – AMAZING TOPIC

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