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Baking Method

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Roasting Method Cooking food using direct source of heat which can be done using an oven or over a charcoal fire. Ensure frequent basting or turning of food to keep it moist and ensure even cooking. Food to be roasted should be of good quality e.g. tender cuts of meats. The oven or fire should be ready when beginning to roast. Suggested Foods for roasting   Meat, Maize, Chicken, Potatoes, Arrow roots, Yams, Cassava   General Rules for Roasting   Maize   Chicken   Potatoes   Arrow roots   Yams   Cassava   Baking Method  Cooking food using hot dry air which is done in an oven.  Heat the oven before baking.  Observe the baking duration for the item being baked.  Test for readiness before removing from the oven. Suggested Foods for baking –  Potatoes, bread, cakes, fish, biscuits, pastries and pies General Rules for Baking   Potatoes   Bread… Read More »ROASTING AND BAKING METHODS

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