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Attribute of Truthfulness

Business Studies


Truthfulness means being honest in what we say or do without lying or distorting the truth. It is the quality of being honest, consistent and straight forward in speech and action. A truthful person is an honest person. He or she does not lie, cheat or steal.   Attribute of Truthfulness The attributes or characteristics of truthfulness are as follows: Consistency: This is the quality of being able to maintain standards without wavering. A consistent person is a reliable person. Steadfastness: A steadfast person is firm in purpose. He or she knows the goals of the organization and aims at these. Straight forwardness: This is the ability to be honest and frank. A straight forward person is truthful. Transparency: Clarity is the quality of clear verbal expression of thoughts and being transparent in words and deeds at all time. Sincerity: Sincerity is the quality of being straightforward in expressing opinions… Read More »HONESTY IN BUSINESS

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