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Attaching the Collar

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It is important to understand the clothing construction processes in order to come up with garments that are well fitting.   In this topic we shall cover the following: Collars Cuffs Set- in sleeves Facing and Interfacing Construction of a shirt   Collars Collars are features that are fitted at the neckline to add style and appeal to the garment. There are many types of collars which include:   Attaching the Collar Collars are attached using the following methods: Self-neatening Using a facing Using a cross-way strip   In this topic, we shall cover two methods: Self neatening method Using a cross-way strip   Attaching the shirt collar using the self neatening method With the raw edges level, fitting lines, centre back and notches matching, place the right side of under collar on the right side of garment leaving the upper collar free, pin and tack along the fitting line… Read More »CLOTHING CONSTRUCTION PROCESSES

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