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Atomic Structure

Basic Science


Element An element is a substance which cannot be further divided into simpler substances.  Over 100 chemical elements are known.  They fall into two main categories, namely: Metals and Non-metals. Metallic elements have their ending with letter M while non-metal element may not have named ending with letter M but with other alphabets except very few.   Compound Chemical compounds are formed when two or more elements combine together.  On this basis, two major categories of chemical compounds are known:  (a) Binary Compound    (b) Non-Binary Compounds.   BINARY COMPOUNDS NON-BINARY  COMPOUNDS Their names end with-ide Their names often end with-ate They are made of only two elements They are made of 3 or more elements   EXAMPLES OF ELEMENTS AND SYMBOLS Hydrogen H             Sodium, Na Helium, He               Magnesium, Mg Lithium, Li                 Aluminium, Al Berilium, Be             Silicon, Si Boron, B                    Phosphorous, P Carbon, C                 Sulphur, S Nitrogen, N              Chlorine, Cl Oxygen,… Read More »ELEMENTS, COMPOUND AND ATOMIC STRUCTURE

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