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Wool What is wool? Wool is the hair or fur from animals such as sheep, goats or camels. Desirable Properties of Wool  It has a natural crimp which makes it warm to wear.  Wool is resilient making it crease resistant.  Wool is non-flammable  It is absorbent   Properties of Silk – Silk is produced from the secretion of a silk worm. Desirable Properties of Silk  Silk is a very strong fibre therefore washes and wears well, making it suitable for underwear.  Silk has a soft fine lustre therefore popularly used for evening wear. – Silk drapes well  Silk is absorbent.  Silk is resistant to mildew, fungi and moths.  It is crease resistant therefore suitable for travel wear.   Undesirable Properties of Silk  Weak when wet;  Easily damaged by high temperatures;  Weakened by long exposure to sunlight;  Perspiration weakens it;  Easily weakened by alkalis and acids.  Properties of Mineral Fibres   Asbestos… Read More »WOOL, ASBESTOS AND VISCOSE RAYON

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