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Thrombosis Formation of a clot in the blood vessels is called thrombosis. Coronary thrombosis is the most common. It is caused by blockage of coronary artery which supplies blood to the heart. Blockage may be due to artery becoming fibrous or accumulation of fatty material on the artery walls. Narrow coronary artery results in less blood reaching the heart muscles. A serious blockage can result in heart attack which can be fatal. Heavy intake of fat, alcohol, being overweight and emotional stress can cause coronary thrombosis. A blockage in the brain can lead to a stroke causing paralysis of part of the body, coma or even death. A healthy lifestyle, avoiding a lot of fat in meals and avoiding alcohol can control the disease.   Arteriosclerosis This condition results from the inner walls having materials being deposited there or growth of fibrous connective tissue. This leads to thickening of the… Read More »DISEASES AND DEFECTS OF CIRCULATORY SYSTEM

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