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Art Work

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MEANING OF MARKETING OF ART WORKS Marketing of art works is the process of promoting and creating awareness of works of art to the public. The basic intention of the artist marketing his or her art works is to promote sale. The viewer tends to view, appreciate and buy the art works.   OUTLETS FOR MARKETING ART WORKS The following are the outlets for marketing art works. Shop Hotel Festival premises Trade fair ground Art gallery   SOURCES OF FUND The fact that art materials, tools and equipment and the cost of renting a place for exhibition are quite expensive. There is need for the artist to source for fund. The following are sources of raising fund by artists. Non-governmental organisation Parents Relatives Individual personal savings Community Government   WAYS OF MARKETING ART WORKS Through hawking. Through exhibition. Through advertisement of art works on television media etc.   SINGING IN… Read More »MARKETING OF ART WORKS

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