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Art of information processing



ART OF INFORMATION PROCESSING – CPMPREHENSIVE Art of Information processing can be defined as a series of actions or operations that convert data into useful information. It is the act of gathering, manipulating, storing, retrieval and classifying recorded information. Art of information processing is the acquisition, recording, organisation, retrieval, display and dissemination of information. Data are most useful when well-presented and actually informative.   PROCEDURE FOR INFORMATION PROCESSING Information processing consists of those activities which are necessary to transform data into information. These are tools devised to help in processing data such as pencil and paper, mechanical tools, such as filling cabinets, electromechanical tools such as adding machines and typewriter and electronic tools such as calculations and computer. Regardless to the type of equipment used. Various functions and activities which need to be performed for information processing can be grouped under the following. Collation of information Organisation of information Analysis… Read More »ART OF INFORMATION PROCESSING – COMPREHENSIVE EXPLANATION

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