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Area of parallelograms

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The perimeter of a plane shape is the length of its outside boundary or the distance around its edges. Irregular shape An irregular shape does not have a definite shape. To determine the perimeter of such shape, string or thread can be used to measure it. Place the string around the edge, then straighten it out and measure it with a ruler from the mark part.   Regular Shape A regular shape has a well-defined edge which may be straight lines or smooth curves. Examples are regular polygon and circles   The Unit of Measurement Perimeter is measured in length units. These are kilometres (km), metres (m), centimetres (cm) and millimetres (mm). Example 1 Use a ruler to measure the perimeter of triangle ABC. Solutions By measurement: AB: AB = 21mm, BC = 30mm,  AC = 14mm Perimeter =Total  length of sides = AB + BC  +AC =21mm+ 30mm +14mm… Read More »PERIMETER OF REGULAR PLANE SHAPES

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