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Archimedes’ principle



Any object in a liquid whether floating or submerged experiences an upward force from the liquid; the force is known as upthrust force. Upthrust force is also known as buoyant force and is denoted by letter ‘u’.   Archimedes’ principle Floating and Sinking Archimedes, a Greek scientist carried out first experiments to measure upthrust on an object in liquid in the third century. Archimedes principle states that ‘When a body is wholly or partially immersed in a fluid (liquid/ gas), it experiences an upthrust equal to the weight of the displaced fluid”.   Floating and Sinking Experiment: To demonstrate Archimedes principle Procedure Pour water into an overflow can (eureka can) until it starts to flow out then wait until it stops dripping Tie a suitable solid body securely and suspend it on a spring balance. Determine weight in air. Lower the body slowly into the overflow can while still attached to… Read More »FLOATING AND SINKING

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