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Apical Dominance



PRODUCTION OF AUXINS AND THEIR EFFECTS ON PLANT GROWTH Auxins are produced by plant apices, i.e. root apex and shoot apex. They bring about cell elongation resulting in growth. They are diffusible substances which effect growth when in very small amounts. Roots require lower concentrations than shoots. The effect of auxins on the growth of roots and shoots has already been discussed. Auxins also exert other effects on plant growth and development. There are various other chemical substances which have been shown to influence plant growth and development.   Effects of Auxin on Plant Growth Apical Dominance Auxins inhibit the growth of side branches. This is referred to as apical dominance. If the terminal bud is removed, side branches develop from the lateral buds. This knowledge is applied in pruning. As long as the main stem is allowed to remain intact, the development of side branches is suppressed. Pruning the… Read More »PRODUCTION OF AUXINS AND THEIR EFFECTS ON PLANT GROWTH



PLANT GROWTH & HORMONES What is plant hornmones? Plant hormones are chemicals produced in very small amounts within the plant body, and play a very important part in regulating plant growth and development. Most growth hormones are produced at the tip of a shoot and transported downwards to the root. The root tip produces very small quantities of the hormones. Type of plant hormones What are the types of plant hormones? There are many different types of plant hormones and one well-known group is the auxins. Indoie acetic acid (IAA) is one best known auxin. Auxins Auxins are produced at the shoot and root tips.Maximum influence on growth in plants occurs when auxins are produced simultaneously with other plant hormones e.g. gibberellins. Maximum growth response in stems requires more IAA than tn roots.   Auxins are known to have various effects on the growth and development in plants. They stimulate… Read More »PLANT GROWTH & HORMONES

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