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 What is the importance of reading the Bible? Strengthens people’s faith. Helps in spreading the gospel. Helps in composition of songs and hymns. Acts as a reference when we write its translations and other books. Promotes good relationship between God and man. In society, people in schools, crusades, churches, lodgings, homes, and hospitals read the Bible. In the government, the Bible is used for swearing in the Courts, Parliament and Cabinet when members of parliament are nominated to become ministers of the government. The major divisions of the Bible are the old and the new testaments.   What are the effects of Bible translation on African languages? The Effects of Bible translation into African languages The translations increased and deepened people’s faith in God. They also led to the establishment of schools. The Gospel spread to local communities and many of them became Christians. The missionaries and colonialists learnt African… Read More »CRK/CRE/CRS QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

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