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Answers on Prepositions

English Language


A prepositional phrase consists of a preposition, its object and any words that modify the object. Examples: The school children waited for the green light. In this sentence, the preposition is for, its object is light, and the modifier, or adjective, is green. The entire preposition phrase modifies the verb waited. Sometimes two or more nouns or pronouns are used as objects in a prepositional phrase. Example: He needs a worker with diligence and a good character. The preposition with have two objects: diligence and character.   Exercise 3 Identify the prepositional phrase in each of the following sentences. Underline the preposition once and its objects twice. Donkeys help people in many ways. They bring happiness to the people around them. In large cities, they help to carry water. On farms, they carry heavy loads. How could you travel across a river? 6. You might swim to the other side. You might… Read More »PREPOSITION PHRASES

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