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Test for Anions

Identification of gases e.g CO2, SO2 and O2. Characteristics test for anions e.g SO42-,SO32-,CO32-,NO-3, Cl–, etc. The anions are negatively change ions examples of anions are SO42-,SO32-,CO32-,S2- etc.   Identification of Gases Gases               identification H2 It gives a ‘pop’ sound when the gas is contact with a lighted splint. O2             It rekindles a glowing splint. CO2 It is colourless and odourless. It turns lime water milky. Cl2             A green wish yellow gas, it turns moist iodide paper black. SO2 Colourless gas with irritating smell. It turns damp blue litmus paper to red. That is acidic gas.   EVALUATION State two (2) examples of anions with their gases. Identify Cl2 and NH3   Test For Anions Test for SO42- Test                             Observation                                          Inferences Sample +H2O                dissolve in water                                   soluble Soln +Bacl2+                  white ppt                                              SO42-, SO32-,CO32- Dil HCl                         ppt insoluble                                         SO42-, confirmed. Soln + dil HCl               No visible reaction                               SO32-,CO32-,S2-… Read More »Test for Anions

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