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Animal dispersal



METHODS OF FRUIT AND SEED DISPERSAL Animal dispersal Fleshy fruits are eaten by animals. Animals are attracted to the fruits by the bright colour, scent or the fact that it is edible. The seeds pass through the digestive tract undamaged and are passed out with faeces. E.g. tomatoes and guavas. Such seeds have hard, resistant seed coats. Others have fruits with hooks or spines that stick on animal fur or on clothes. Later the seeds are brushed of or fall off on their own e.g. Bidens pilosa (Black jack).   Wind dispersal                                                                Fruits and seeds are small and light in order to be carried by air currents. A fruit that is a capsule e.g. tobacco split or has pores at the top e.g. Mexican poppy. The capsule is attached to along stalk when swayed by wind the seeds are released and scattered. Some seeds have hairy or feather-like structures which… Read More »METHODS OF FRUIT AND SEED DISPERSAL

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