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Agricultural Science


PRINCIPLES OF ANIMAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT CONTENT Definition of Disease Classification of animal diseases Susceptibility and resistance to disease Factors that could predispose animals to diseases   LIVESTOCK DISEASES Diseases in animal means any condition in which there is deviation from normal state of health or when there is any interference with the body processes which will make its body not to function in a normal way. This always give rise to ill health, which do not allow the animal to perform less in areas of live weight gain, milk production, work done in case of work animals, egg or wool production etc. Animal diseases are generally caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and malnutrition.   CLASSIFICATION OF ANIMAL DISEASES On the basis of organisms that cause diseases, the prevalent diseases of livestock can be grouped into Viral diseases Bacterial diseases Fungal diseases Protozoan diseases and Malnutrition or metabolic disorder.  … Read More »PRINCIPLES OF ANIMAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT

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