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Animal Charcoal



AMORPHOUS CARBON Apart from diamond and graphite, which are crystalline forms of carbon, all other forms of carbon are amorphous allotropes of carbon. Coke Coke is the amorphous allotrope of carbon, which is derived from coal. When coal undergoes destructive distillation, it yields two allotropes of carbon, namely coke and gas carbon. Destructive distillation is a chemical process, which involves is the breaking up of a complex substance by heating it in the absence of air.   Uses of coke It is a very good fuel and when ignited it burns almost with no smoke. It is a non-conductor of heat and electricity. It acts as a good reducing agent and is extensively used in the production of producer gas, water gas and hydrogen.   Sugar Charcoal Sugar charcoal can be obtained by dehydrating cane sugar, either by treating it with concentrated sulphuric acid or by heating it in the… Read More »AMORPHOUS CARBON

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