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AND gate equation


Logic Gate

LOGIC EQUATIONS Aside representing the functioning of a logic gate with truth table and grammatical definition, the use of logic equations can be used not only to represent logic gates and circuits, but also with the usage of some theorems and equivalences, to reduce the number of terms involved, simplifying the equation. In logic equation all Boolean variable involved is assigned a letter or symbol, very similar to the algebraic representation of unknown numerical values using letters. This approach is called Boolean algebra.   Symbolic logic uses values, variables and operations; TRUE is represented as 1 while FALSE as 0. Variables are represented by letters and can have one or two values, either 0 or 1. Operations are functions of one or more variables.   AND gate equation The AND gate operation can also be expressed by a Boolean algebraic equation. For 2 – input AND gate, the equation is;… Read More »Logic Gate

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