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Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear Chemistry is an aspect of chemistry that deal with nuclei of atoms.  Radioactivity This is the spontaneous emission of radiation by radioactive element such as Thorium, Uranium etc.  Characteristics of Nuclear Chemistry Spontaneously and continually emitting of radiation by radioactive element Temperature and pressure have no effect on radioactivity The radiation can pass through opaque objects It affects photographic plates It causes ionization of gases through which it passes. It causes fluorescence of certain substance It releases large amount of energy.   Types of Radiation There are three (3) types of radiation Alpha Beta Gamma   Characteristics of Alpha-Rays they are helium in nature 42He with 4 atomic mass and 2 atomic number alpha rays are fast moving streams of positively charges they are deflected toward the negative plate in an electrostatic field they have very low penetrating power they can be absorbed/stopped by a thin sheet of paper… Read More »Nuclear Chemistry

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