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Agriculture Science

Agricultural Science


BEST EXPORT PROMOTION IN AGRICULTURE¬†¬† The meaning of Export Promotion in Agriculture is a set of activities that are directed at increasing the sales of agricultural products to other countries. These activities include: Identification of products and markets Location of new investment opportunities Provision of trade information Provision of support services e.g assistance with export procedures, product quality, export financing, transportation etc Organising trade fairs and trade missions   Trade fairs are exhibitions organized to bring together producers and buyers in an atmosphere conducive to transact business Trade missions consist of group of persons (government representatives and delegates of private business sector) who visit a foreign country with the aim of promoting trade. Export promotions are responsibilities of organizations referred to as Trade Promotion Organization (TPO). NEPC Nigerian export promotion council is the federal government agency responsible for promoting trade in Nigerian goods. Therefore Nigerian TPO is NEPC. NEPC was… Read More »BEST EXPORT PROMOTION IN AGRICULTURE

Agricultural Science


MEANING OF STOCK EXCHANGE What is a stock exchange? A Stock exchange is an organization that provides a market place where investigators may buy and sell shares of a wide range of companies. It is a market where sales and purchase of securities takes place.   SOME TERMS USED IN STOCK EXCHANGE Shares: this is a unit of stock. It is an indivisible unit of capital that expresses the ownership relationship between the company and the holder. Stock: This is the money called capital raised by a corporations or organizations through the sale and distribution of parts or all of the enterprise to several part owners. Stockholders or Shareholders: These are potentials buyers who legally own one or more shares of stock of a joint stock company.   Stock Brokers: These are the representatives of individual shareholders which are licensed to buy and sell of company shares FOREST VEGETATION  … Read More »AGRICULTURE IN STOCK EXCHANGE – ALWAYS NEW

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