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agriculture in stock exchange price control

Agricultural Science


MEANING OF STOCK EXCHANGE What is a stock exchange? A Stock exchange is an organization that provides a market place where investigators may buy and sell shares of a wide range of companies. It is a market where sales and purchase of securities takes place.   SOME TERMS USED IN STOCK EXCHANGE Shares: this is a unit of stock. It is an indivisible unit of capital that expresses the ownership relationship between the company and the holder. Stock: This is the money called capital raised by a corporations or organizations through the sale and distribution of parts or all of the enterprise to several part owners. Stockholders or Shareholders: These are potentials buyers who legally own one or more shares of stock of a joint stock company.   Stock Brokers: These are the representatives of individual shareholders which are licensed to buy and sell of company shares FOREST VEGETATION  … Read More »AGRICULTURE IN STOCK EXCHANGE – ALWAYS NEW

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