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agric ss1 scheme of work

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Agric Scheme of work for SS1

Agric Science SS1 Scheme of work – FIRST TERM Basic Concept 1. Meaning and Importance of Agriculture 2. Problems of Agricultural development and possible Solutions 3. Meaning and differences between Subsistence and Commercial Agriculture 4. Role of Government in Agricultural Development 5. Role of Non-Governmental Organisation in Agricultural Development 6. Agricultural Laws and Reforms Agricultural Ecology 7. Meaning and Importance of Agricultural Ecology 8. Land and its uses 9. Factors affecting land availability for Agricultural purposes   Agric Science SS 1 Scheme of work – SECOND TERM Agricultural Ecology (Cont’d) 1. Agro-Allied Industries and Relationship between Agriculture and Industry 2. Environmental Factors affecting Agricultural production 3. Rock Formation 4. Soil Formation and Profile development 5. Types, composition and properties of soil Agricultural Engineering & Mechanization 6. Simple farm Tools, uses and Maintenance 7. Farm Machinery and Implements 8. Maintenance Practices and Precautionary Measures Agric Science SS 1 Scheme of work… Read More »Agric Scheme of work for SS1

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