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agric scheme of work

Coat of arms of Nigeria


AGRIC SCIENCE (AGRIC) SS 2- FIRST TERM Agricultural Ecology Plant Nutrient and Nutrient Cycle. (1) Irrigation (2) Drainage (3) Agricultural Pollution Agricultural Engineering 1. Farm Surveying and Planning 2. Farm Planning 3. Principles of Farm Stead, Planning and Location of Buildings/Structures Forestry 1. Forest Management 2. Agro-forestry Practices in Nigeria WHY STUDENTS EASILY FORGET THEIR CLASS LESSONSCHILD ABUSE AGRIC SCIENCE (AGRIC) SS 2- SECOND TERM Ornamental Plants 1. Meaning and Importance of Ornamental Plants 2. Common Types of Ornamental Plants each type 3. Settings and Locations for planting each type. 4. Method of cultivating ornamental plants. 5. Maintenance of ornamental plants Crop Production 1. Diseases of Crop 2. Pests of Crops 3. Weeds and Weed Control Animal Science 1. Types and Classification of Farm Animals 2. Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals   AGRIC SCIENCE (AGRIC) SS 2- THIRD TERM Animal Science 1. Animal Reproduction 2. Environmental Physiology 3. Livestock… Read More »AGRIC SS 2 SCHEME OF WORK

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