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Agencies of UNO



PURPOSE OF THE AGENCIES To reduce international conflicts: The establishment of this agencies has helped to a very large extend in reducing international conflicts to the barest minimum. International interests: Another purpose for setting up these agencies is to integrate the interest of the various nations. To promote World peace: The establishment of these special agencies is to bring about World peace through the sharing of common interest by these agencies.   To bring nations together: These agencies were set up with the believe that it would go beyond national boundaries and harmonizes interest of diverse nature. Creation of a World community: These agencies have the purpose of bringing the World together to become a World community devoid of war and conflicts.   ACHIEVEMENTS OF U.N.O Contribution to International Security: The U.N. has so far succeeded in averting war at World wide dimension. Although war has not been completely prevented,… Read More »ACHIEVEMENTS AND PROBLEMS OF THE UNO



Specialized agencies are bodies that are independent which exist under the umbrella of the U.N.O. These agencies are given special assignments which help U.N.O. to achieve its aims and objectives. The activities of these specialized agencies are coordinated and supervised by the min organ of the U.N.O. called the Economic and Social Council.   INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANIZATION This agency was established 1919 by the League of Nations with headquarter in Geneva.   AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Improvement of workers: It was established to help improve labour condition of workers Standard of living: It was established to raised the standard of living World wide. Promotion of economic and Social stability: It was formed to enhance the promotion of economic and Social stability. Child Labour: It campaigns against child labour and slavery. Research: It conducts extensive research in the field of power and vocational training. Celebrates Workers Day: It celebrates May 1st of… Read More »SPECIALIZED AGENCIES OF U.N.O

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