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Adverb Adjective

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We have seen that we can use adjectives to compare people, things or places. Adverbs can also be used to compare actions. And like adjectives, we use the comparative form of an adverb to compare two actions and the superlative form of an adverb to compare more than two actions.   Examples: ONE ACTION: Maree swims fast. TWO ACTIONS: Maree swims faster than Ciku. THREE OR MORE: Maree swims fastest of all. Just like adjectives, adverbs have special forms or spelling for making comparisons. The comparative form the comparative form of the adverb is used to compare one action with another. It is formed in two ways: 1. for short adverbs, add -er. Examples: The bird flew higher than the helicopter. The president arrived sooner than we expected. For most adverbs ending in -ly, use more to make the comparative.   Examples: She visited him more frequently than Martin. The tractor towed the… Read More »COMPARING WITH ADVERBS

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