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Agricultural Science


VEGETATIVE MATERIALS – ADVANTAGES, DISADVANTAGES AND PLANT PARTS These are plant parts which have the ability to produce roots, they grow and develop in to new plants. Plant parts such as leaves, roots or stems can be used for planting as long as they are capable of rooting. Advantages of using vegetative materials for planting. Crops originating from vegetative materials matures faster than those from seeds. The crops shows uniformity in such qualities as disease resistance, seed size, colour, keeping or storing quality and chemical composition. It is possible to produce many varieties of compatible crops on the same root stock. Use of the vegetative materials is easier and faster, especially where seeds show prolonged dormancy. The resulting plant has desired shape and size for ease of harvesting and spraying. It facilitates the propagation of crops which are seedless or those that produce seeds which are not viable or have… Read More »VEGETATIVE MATERIALS

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