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Advantages of timely planting

Agricultural Science


INTRODUCTION Time of planting or sowing is influenced by the type of crop to be planted and the environmental conditions of the area. Factors to consider in timing planting.b The rainfall pattern/moisture condition of the soil. Type of crop to be planted. Soil type. Market demand. Prevalence of pests and diseases. Weed control. Timely planting is necessary and should be done at the onset of rains. in some areas where rainfall is scare dry planting is recommended. Advantages of timely planting. Crops make maximum use of rainfall and suitable soil temperature, leading to vigorous growth. Crops usually escape serious pests and diseases attack. Crops benefit from nitrogen flush which is available at the beginning of the rain. For horticultural crops, proper timing ensures that the produce is marketed when prices are high. Crops establish earlier than the weeds, hence smothering them.   Methods of planting. There are two main methods… Read More »TIME OF PLANTING – WELL EXPLAINED

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