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Agricultural Science


MEANING OF PROPAGATION Propagation simply means reproduction. It is necessary for crops to propagate so that they can increase in numbers and also maintain their useful characteristics. METHODS OF PROPAGATION There are two types of propagation; these are sexual and Asexual/Vegetative propagation.  SEXUAL PROPAGATION Sexual Propagation involves planting crops by means of seeds. Seeds can be planted directly in the field or first in the nursery before being transplanted. Examples of seeds which are planted first in the nursery are oil palm, cocoa, coconut etc. common crops that that propagated sexually are cowpea (beans), maize, pawpaw, rice, groundnut etc. A seed when planted undergoes the following processes. Germination: the process whereby the embryo of a seed resumes growth under favourable conditions. Emergence: this refers to the appearance of a seedling above soil level. Conditions necessary for germination of seeds are Adequate moisture Viable seed (living embryo) Optimum temperature Adequate air … Read More »PROPAGATION

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