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Adaptation of Teeth to Feeding



TYPES OF MAMMALIAN TEETH Mammals have four kinds of teeth The incisors are found at the front of the jaw They are sharp-edged and are used for biting The canines are located at the sides of the jaw They are pointed and are used for tearing and piercing The premolars are next to the canines and the molars are at the back of the jaw Both premolars and molars are used for crushing and grinding Teeth are replaced only once in a lifetime The first set is the milk or deciduous teeth These are replaced by the second set or the permanent teeth Dentition refers to the type of teeth, the number and their arrangement in the jaw A dental formula shows the type and number of teeth in each half of the jaw The number of teeth in half of the upper jaw is represented above a line and… Read More »TYPES OF MAMMALIAN TEETH

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